Save $15 to $135 per month on phone plans for your family

With TELUS Family Discount, it’s easy to add family members and save big on phone plans. The more people you add, the more you save up to a maximum of nine lines.
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More family, more savings

Four rabbits sit in a row. Above them is a circle with text inside reading “Save up to $135 per month with 9 lines”.

Save $15 /mo. with 2 people

Discount of $7.50 per person, before tax

Save $30 /mo. with 3 people

Discount of $10 per person, before tax

Save $60 /mo. or more with 4+ people

Discount of $15 per person, before tax

Choose an option to get started

I have a phone

Bring your own device and save on plans for the whole family with no contracts. You’ll enjoy unlimited data, talk and texts with our Unlimited plans.

I’m buying a phone

Get a new or Certified Pre-owned phone for $0 upfront plus taxes1 and save big with Bring-It-Back®. Plus, trade in your existing phone and get bill credits.

Reliable coverage

Get your family connected on Canada’s most-awarded network.

Shareable data

Share 5G data with your family and connected devices3.

Convenient billing

See every family member’s phone bill on one account.

Connect on the network that cares for communities


Discover the potential of AI

For a decade, TELUS Wise has helped people of all ages stay safe online. Now, we’re helping you explore artificial intelligence’s potential.
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Stay in touch with loved ones on Canada’s most-awarded network

Enjoy blazing-fast speeds and reliable access across Canada when you and your family connect to the award-winning TELUS 5G network4.
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