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Get $10 off and a 3 GB bonus per month.

Connect the whole family on Canada’s largest and fastest network. Create a family plan and save $10 per month for each additional line added to your account. Plus, we’ll give you 3 GB of bonus shareable data.

The TELUS Family Advantage™

Many ways to add family members

Get a new phone from $0

Treat yourself or a loved one to a brand new phone. Get the latest smartphones and add them to your family plan from $60 per month.

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Bring your own device

Already have a device? Create a BYOD plan and save on your monthly bill. Get your $0 SIM card and customize the perfect plan today. Plans start at $55 per month.

Create my BYOD plan

Hand down and save

Hand down your old TELUS device to a family member and create a BYOD plan from $55 per month. It’s the best way to keep your bill down.

Create my BYOD plan

Add a family member in store today

Visit your local store and let a member of the TELUS team create your family plan.