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Save up to $15 per person per month with TELUS Family Discount.

The TELUS Family Discount rewards you with great savings every month for every Peace of Mind or Simple Share plan on your account. Bring your own device or shop for a new one, and choose from our new Peace of Mindᵀᴹ or Simple Share plans.

The more you add, the more you save.

Save from $5 to $15 for every family member on your account. Get the TELUS Family Discount today available on up to 9 lines.

Save $10/mo

2 family members

$5 per line

After tax

Save $30/mo

3 family members

$10 per line

After tax

Save $60/mo

4 family members

$15 per line up to 9 lines

After tax

9 lines equals $135 off your total monthly bill

Ready to add a family member?

Do it with a device you already have, or get a new one from $0 upfront.

I’m bringing my own device.

Choose plan

I need a new device.

Shop devices