It’s official. We’re the fastest mobile network in the world.

Whether you’re on a 4G or 5G device, stay connected with TELUS. We have the fastest global download speeds according to the UK based Opensignal and our 4G network has the fastest national average speed in North America according to the US based PCMag.

5G has arrived on Canada’s most awarded network.

With 5G capabilities, we’re building on our award-winning network to bring our customers better speeds, capacity and responsiveness.


5G will deliver connection speeds up to 100 times faster in the future.


5G will eventually support up to one million devices per square kilometre in a growing number of markets.

High responsiveness

5G will bring near instantaneous responsiveness over time. This will enable applications such as remote surgery, autonomous cars and more.


We’re faster and more reliable than Shaw/Freedom in British Columbia. Here’s why.

Download data up to 147% faster.

Whether you’re streaming, browsing, or tethering - it’s all faster on our network as compared to Shaw/Freedom.

Stream video quicker and in better quality.

Enjoy faster, better quality video and more consistent streaming by choosing TELUS over Shaw/Freedom.

Experience a stronger 4G LTE connection.

Our network has more 4G LTE availability than Shaw/Freedom, so you’ll always enjoy a better quality connection with TELUS.


Shop phones and plans today.

World‑class devices deserve a world‑class network.

With TELUS Easy Payment, you can get any device for $0 upfront plus taxes and 0% financing on a 2‑year term. Find the latest devices, including 5G‑capable ones in our catalogue.

Get the most out of our network with endless data plans.

With our Peace of Mind plans, you’ll never have to worry about data overages again. Plus, the more people you add to your account, the more you’ll save with TELUS Family Discount.

Amazing network. It sets us apart.

The experts have spoken. Our award winning network is #1 in upload and download speeds, as well as network quality performance and best coverage across Canada.

Highest Wireless Network Quality Performance in Ontario and in the East

The fastest mobile network with the best coverage across Canada

"Fastest Overall Download Speed Among 3 National Providers"

"Canada's Fastest Mobile Network"

"Fastest Network in Canada"

Our record-breaking network is the fastest in Canada.

We’ve broken a new speed record and rank #1 in the country for the sixth time in a row. Canada is now tied with South Korea - a country 100 times smaller - for having the fastest network download speeds in the world.

Try our award‑winning network commitment‑free.

At a time when connections matter most, our Canadian networks are keeping us informed, connected and working. With the fastest speeds in Canada, there’s never been a better time to join TELUS. Give us a call to try our network for 30 days.

Enjoy amazing coverage from coast to coast.

Our network is always reliable and reaches 99% of Canadians, so you can be confident you’ll have a strong connection wherever you are.

Your business deserves the fastest network.

Stay connected beyond the office. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, we’ve got you covered. With Canada's largest network, you can stay connected no matter where your business takes you.


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