Optimize your device in an instant with the Device Checkup app.

Diagnose problems with a quick scan and get step-by-step optimization tips. Visit the App Store or Google Play from your device to download today.

Maximize device performance

Improve your device’s battery, storage, connectivity, and data usage in seconds.

Get customized service

See service options personalized for your device, and get guidance on warranty and repair options.

Make the most of your device

Master every feature on your device with step-by-step walkthroughs.

Get insight into your device with these features.

Real-time diagnostics

See the performance and condition of your device at a glance, and get personalized optimization tips.

Warranty check

Learn about the status of your warranty and review coverage for your device. You can also view options for any needed repair.

Trade-in value

Get the estimated trade-in value of your device, and use it as a credit towards the purchase of a new device or accessory at TELUS.

User guides

See how to set up and use your device. Get insight into its features, and learn about new functions with every system update.

Need help with the TELUS Device Checkup app? Visit our support page for helpful tips and more.