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Shop refurbished smartphones that are tested to look, feel‌ and perform like new. All devices are backed by a 1-year TELUS warranty. Plus, our Certified Pre-Owned devices generate significantly fewer carbon emissions annually compared to new ones.
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Why you’ll love Certified Pre‑owned devices

100% reliable

Tested to our high standards.

Latest devices

At lower prices.

1-year warranty

Backed by TELUS.2

Money back guarantee

Returns within 30 days.3

Certified Pre-owned device conditions


  • These phones were returned within their money-back guarantee period, so they are essentially new (we just can't call them that).
  • The only difference is the lower price point.

Very Good

  • These phones are in excellent condition, with only minor bumps and scratches.
  • They have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are fully functional and ready to use.


  • With only a few minor scuffs, these phones are in near-mint condition.
  • They passed our inspections with flying colours and offer exceptional value for the price.

Shop Certified Pre-owned devices

Explore refurbished devices from Apple, Samsung and more. Online only. Quantities limited.

Certified Pre-owned smartphones

Assorted Certified Pre-Owned devices available from TELUS

Certified Pre-Owned Android phones

Front and back view of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in burgundy.

Certified Pre-Owned Apple phones

Front and back view of iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple.

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