Protect your phone and the environment with eco‑friendly cases.

Get natural shock absorption and drop protection with our wide selection of eco‑friendly, biodegradable cases made from fully compostable bio‑based materials.


Unique shock dispersing pattern offers certified drop protection of up to 5 feet. Made from 100% compostable materials. Adidas is working to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Get certified drop protection of 6 feet with reinforced corners, air pockets and a raised bezel. Every case is plant‑based and features a unique splatter pattern. Mellow donates 1% of its sales to Plastic Oceans Canada.


Support farmers and get natural shock absorption with flax shive ‑ a byproduct of Canada’s flax oilseed harvest. Pela donates 1% of its sales to environmental organizations.

Built to protect your device and our planet.

100% compostable bio‑based materials.

All eco-friendly cases are made from bio-based materials or bioplastics to reduce global plastic production. They are also fully compostable within 24 months in industrial or home composts.

Fully recyclable packaging.

All packaging is either plastic‑free, or made from bio-based plastics that are easily recyclable.

Support for a sustainable future.

Every eco‑friendly case helps support sustainability efforts worldwide. At TELUS, we’re committed to becoming nature-positive by 2030, and our vision is to become a zero waste company.