Migration day checklist for Google users

If you were prompted with the screen below when activating your TELUS email powered by Google, follow these instructions instead

Steps to activate your TELUS email powered by Google

  1. If you have not yet been prompted with the screen above, go to mail.google.com/a/telus.net and enter your TELUS email address as shown below
  1. You will be presented with the screen below. Select G Suite account in order to activate your TELUS email powered by Google and be able to continue to send and receive emails
  1. Enter your TELUS email password

A few notes regarding your password:

  • This can be your existing or temporary password
  • If you can’t recall your password, do not follow the prompts from these screens. Instead, visit telus.com/reset for instructions on how to change it yourself. Don’t worry. It’s easy to do
  1. Select Accept to Google’s terms and conditions

Note: This is a technical requirement. TELUS’ terms of service will still apply to your use of your TELUS email account.

  1. If you have not yet set up a recovery email and/or phone number, you will be asked to set them up at this point. This will help you to easily reset your password if you ever forget it
  1. Change your password. This step is required to meet our new security requirements

Congratulations. Your TELUS email is now powered by Google. Going forward, you can access your email at mail.google.com. Look for an email from us with tips and tricks to help you get started on your new email experience.

Steps to continue using your previously created Google account

It’s possible that you don’t recall having created a Google account using your TELUS email address. Not to worry. Follow these steps and we will help you answer that question.

  1. From your TELUS email inbox, on the top right corner, click on the button that has your initial. Select Add another account
  1. In the sign in page, you will have to enter an email address with the domain @gtempaccount.com. Follow these steps:
    1. Take note of your TELUS email address: example@telus.net
    2. Replace the @ sign with the % sign. You now have: example%telus.net
    3. Enter that information in the username field and add @gtempaccount.com at the end to complete it, as shown below
  1. Enter your Google account password

Note: This is not the password you recently created for your TELUS email powered by Google. This is the password you used in the past to access your Google services.

Forgot password? If you don’t remember when or why you created a Google account, chances are you don’t remember your password. Select Forgot password? and follow the various prompts from Google to recover the account. You will then be asked to enter and re-enter a new password.

  1. On the Google account homepage, click on your initial at the top right and sign out of your account
  1. Sign in again with the same credentials you just created

  2. On the next screen, you will see the message "Your account has changed" and you will get 2 options to choose for the email address to use going forward to access your Google services. Your options are:

    • (Recommended) “An account with Gmail and new Gmail address”: This is the recommended option that will take you to a second screen which will help you create a new Gmail address. This address is what you will then use to sign into Google services not connected to your TELUS email. It will also create a separate email mailbox for you. Note: If you already have another Gmail account, unfortunately, you will not be able to use it to complete this step. You will have to create a new account
    • If you do not wish to create an email address with Google (ending in @gmail.com), you can choose the option “An account that uses a non-Google email address you already own.” This includes any other email address you have that isn’t a Gmail address or a telus.net address. This email address will then become your username when signing into Google service not connected to your TELUS email

Click on Continue.

  1. Choose the Gmail address, enter the information in the blue boxes and click on Submit

Note: The field for “your current email address” will be used as a way to retrieve this account in the future. You may use your TELUS email address in this field.

  1. Access your Google services. Once you complete the previous step, you will land on the Gmail page. Click on the 9 dot icon on the top right corner to see the list of Google services you have access to with your new account
  1. If you were unsure as to which Google services you had created this account for, go to myaccount.google.com/dashboard. Here, Google helps you keep track of the apps and products you have with your account. You might be surprised to find some old pictures in the Photos app, or access to your YouTube account

Congratulations. Completing these steps confirmed that your TELUS email address is now linked solely with the following Google services: email, calendar and contacts. To access all other Google services, use the account you created in step 7.

Accessing and toggling between both accounts

How to access your accounts
Using the sample email addresses above, when you log in to Google. Here are the services you will be able to access depending on which email address you sign in with:

  • If you sign in with example@telus.net you will access your TELUS email, calendar and contacts.
  • If you sign in with yournewaccount@gmail.com you will access any other Google services you were previously accessing with your TELUS email address. You no longer need to use the temporary email address (example%telus.net@gtempaccount.com)

How to toggle between both accounts
Google makes it really easy to toggle between accounts. Simply click on your initial on the top right hand corner. You will then be able to select the account you want to use.

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