Add or link services and accounts

Instructions for adding services or accounts to your My TELUS profile

The Overview page of your My TELUS profile lists the accounts to which you have access. If you have other TELUS services that you don’t see, you can add them to My TELUS so that they will be displayed when you log in.

Note: If you are new to My TELUS or have not registered for My TELUS, you can do so here: Register for My TELUS. During the process you’ll be prompted to link your TELUS services to your profile.

Link/Add services and accounts

Registered My TELUS users

You don't need to register accounts separately. You can link them with My TELUS. You can also link multiple TELUS services with different bills in My TELUS.

If you are a registered My TELUS user:

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Under Overview, select Link a service


  1. Select My Profile from the left hand sidebar
  2. Select Link a service

Note: You’ll need to provide the account number for each account you wish to link and a secure one-time verification code sent from TELUS.

Multiple phones under the same bill/account number.

If you have multiple phones on one account when you link the account all the phones will be visible.

Note: If you don’t see all the phones, it may be that you have Member access only.

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