CDMA network shut down

Information on the discontinuation of CDMA network support

The TELUS CDMA Network is ending May 31st

With a large number of customers migrating and to ensure no one is left out in the cold, we’ve made the decision to change the turndown date from the January 31 to May 31, 2017. We hope this provides you with ample time to transition networks and find a device that is right for you.

In order to avoid any disruption in service, TELUS Business customers should please contact their TELUS account representative or dealer to plan their transition to 4G service and to find the device that best fits their needs.

We’re here to help – contacts us before then to stay connected

The CDMA network technology is reaching the end of its service life and is being replaced by newer, faster and more reliable wireless networks (HSPA, LTE and 4G LTE). It is increasingly difficult to support the network because of the limited availability of the CDMA equipment required to maintain it.

After May 31st, 2017, CDMA devices will no longer be able to access any of our mobile networks. To avoid any service disruption you will require a 4G eligible device to connect to the TELUS mobile network.

Keep your existing plan but you will need to upgrade your device

We have some great options to help you upgrade to a 4G device so you don’t experience any service disruptions.

Upgrading is easy, we can set you up with a similar device. We'll help you find a device that you are comfortable with and suits your needs and budget.

There are two ways to upgrade your phone:

Visit a TELUS retail store

  • Come and see us in person, at one of our retail stores.
    Note: You can use our map to locate the nearest TELUS store
  • When you visit the store, one of our experts will help you find a compatible device that will suit your requirements and budget. From flip phones to smartphones, we have devices to suit every need.

Call us

1-866-558-2273 or *611 on your TELUS mobility phone

To find out more about the TELUS 4G network go to .

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