Call Control for mobile devices explained

Learn more about the new free feature that helps screen out unwanted robo-callers

Call Control is a free optional feature that automatically screens robo-callers and prevents them from bothering you.

Eligible TELUS customers can opt in to activate Call Control.

How Call Control works

With Call Control on, when a caller phones you for the first time, they’ll be prompted to enter a number on their keypad. If they enter it successfully, the call will go through to you, and they won’t be prompted again (as long as they’re one of your 25 most recent callers).

If they fail to enter the correct number, they’ll hear an automatic message that they’ve been prevented from reaching you. This screening process prevents robocalls from getting through, and is simple enough for real-life callers to pass.

You can add phone numbers to your Accepted list to avoid having them screened when they try to reach you.

We highly recommend adding telephone numbers of frequent or important callers (e.g. family members, school offices, doctors’ offices, libraries, etc.), especially those that may use auto-dialling to reach you to your Accepted list, as well as anyone who doesn’t speak English or French.

If you don’t want to receive calls from certain numbers at all, you can put them on your Blocked list.

Call Control
Accepted listMaximum 25 numbers
Blocked listMaximum 25 numbers
Call log View last 10 calls

Turning Call Control on

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Select the Call Control tab under Plans & Devices
  3. Follow the instructions on the tab to turn on Call Control

Customize Call Control

You can customize your preferences in My TELUS. These customizations include:

  • Adding numbers to your Accepted list, which ensures these callers always get through to you
  • Adding numbers to your Blocked list, which ensures these callers never get through to you
  • Viewing your last few calls and their specifics in the Call log, and allowing you to move those numbers directly to your Accepted or Blocked lists

Managing Call Control with IVR

Call Control can also be managed with IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Dial *99 for English prompts.

IVR can be used to:

  • Turn Call Control on
  • Turn Call Control off
  • Move any of your last 3 callers to your Allowed or Blocked list

Call Control with wearables

Have a wearable device like a smart watch with its own SIM card? Call Control settings on your primary number will extend to your wearable.

Important things to note

  • Call Control may screen out legitimate auto-dialed calls, like an automated recording notifying you of a package delivery
  • If your home has an intercom system that you answer with your mobile phone, add the intercom’s Caller ID number to your Accepted list
  • Be sure to add anyone who doesn’t speak English or French to your Accepted list so they won’t be prompted
  • Call Control and IVR access (*99) may not work for some customers while roaming.
  • Only Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy smart watches can support Call Control functionalities as wearables
  • IVR calls (*99) from a wearable will only allow changes to Call Control for the Primary number

Learn how Call Control for home phones works.

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