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The TELUS Wi-Fi Advantage

Say goodbye to dropped connections with TELUS Wi-Fi®. Sign up for Internet today and get our industry leading Advanced Wi-Fi modem at no extra cost.

Worry-free Wi-Fi

With the TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi modem, you can browse and stream without interruptions. Plus, upload and download up to 3 times faster.

Great whole home coverage

TELUS technicians scan your home with specialized equipment when setting up your Wi-Fi, to ensure the best possible coverage.

Smarter Wi-Fi technology

Our Advanced Wi-Fi Modem automatically selects the best frequency, so you always get the best out of your network.

4K Friendly

Say goodbye to cables. With the TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi Modem you can now stream glorious 4K content over short distances.

Get the Advanced Wi-Fi Modem

Included in new Optik TV and Internet bundle orders, new Internet 25 or higher orders, and upgrades to Internet 50 or higher.

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Free & friendly Wi-Fi

Get connected on the go

With over 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots TELUS gets you online while you’re on the go. Simply look for the #TELUS network on your device and follow a few simple steps. Each time you register you can easily connect to all TELUS Wi-Fi locations for 30 days.

Improve your Wi-Fi experience
As with all Wi-Fi connections, the following factors may affect your speed and quality:

Devices have a maximum download speed that may limit your connection.

If you have multiple Wi-Fi devices operating at the same time, each device must wait its turn to communicate. Some older tablets and smartphones communicate at a slower rate and can slow down your entire Wi-Fi network.

In addition, other personal devices in your home emit disruptors to your Wi-Fi network because they operate on the same radio frequency as your Wi-Fi signals. A few examples include microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones and wireless speaker systems.

Give your Wi-Fi a boost

We understand that every home is different and has unique Wi-Fi needs. TELUS Boost Wi-Fi is a powerful system that extends the reach of your home Wi-Fi.