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TELUS PureFibre

Symmetrical Internet

Offered uniquely by TELUS in Quebec, symmetrical Internet will revolutionize how you experience staying connected with upload and download speeds that remain just as fast, no matter the number of users.

Stay connected. Now with added speed.

Share your important moments and big files in the blink of an eye

Your vacation photos and videos of your uncle Josh’s latest antics deserve to be shared without delay. With symmetrical Internet, your friends and family will practically be there for your big moments as they happen!

Enjoy clear, stunning quality when talking with loved ones

When there’s distance between you and your friends and family, clear sound and image quality in a video call can help make them feel closer. With symmetrical Internet, you can catch up while enjoying quality that gives you that in-person feel.

Leave your opponents in the dust on the way to victory

A few milliseconds can make a huge difference when you’re online gaming. With symmetrical Internet as your secret weapon, there’s nothing to hold you back as you speed ahead to the next level.

Stay connected with peace of mind

When you’re online, you’re there to share, chat, play and watch... Not wait around. With symmetrical Internet on your side, your household will be able to stay connected in the way it deserves, no matter how many devices or users are online at the same time.

Symmetrical Internet

Right at home with the TELUS PureFibre network, the only fibre-to-the-home network available in our region of Canada.