Connect your building.

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Townhomes

  • Quadplexes / duplexes

  • Gated communities

We’ll provide all infrastructure, design consultation and wiring installation to each suite at no cost to you.

How do I get connected?

Step 1

We bring PureFibre to your building

Step 2

We bring PureFibre to each suite

Step 3

You order PureFibre services

Get your building connected to PureFibre - and start enjoying lightning-fast internet.

I'm a strata member, building owner or manager

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I'm a building suite resident or owner

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TELUS PureFibre has redefined the meaning of speed.

Consistently fast Internet speeds

Take advantage of the latest in technology, entertainment and communication with a 100% PureFibre connection that’s fast enough for today, and tomorrow.

A direct connection

Unlike other providers, TELUS PureFibre™ delivers 100% fibre right to your home. Fibre optic never degrades, which means an always fast, always consistent, without lag or interruption, even during peak hours.

Equally fast downloads AND uploads

Only fibre can deliver uploads as consistently lightning-fast as downloads, which makes sharing and streaming online easier.

The #1 Internet technology for speed and reliability

The TELUS PureFibre network transmits data as particles of light, allowing large volumes of information to be sent to your home or business at close to the speed of light.

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