Arrange your FREE upgrade to TELUS PureFibre today.

There’s no cost to upgrade your services to PureFibre, and the monthly price of your services will not change.

Your home still needs to be connected

We’re replacing aging copper lines with our revolutionary fibre optic network. TELUS PureFibre™ will give your family state-of-the art internet – providing the capacity and speed needed for the technologies of the future.

The upgrade to PureFibre is mandatory, as we’ll soon be retiring our copper lines.

How to upgrade

Contact us to book an appointment

Schedule a technician visit at a time that’s convenient for you.

Phone 1-855-755-2822

We’ll run fibre to your home

Prior to your installation appointment, we’ll make sure fibre is connected to the exterior of your home. We will not enter your home at this stage, and you needn’t be home at the time.

We’ll connect your services

On the scheduled day, a technician will upgrade your services to the PureFibre network – at no charge to you. Please ensure you’re home for this visit.

How your services will improve

TELUS PureFibre is the #1 internet technology for speed and reliability. Lightning fast speeds mean high definition streaming, low latency in gaming, crystal clear video calls, and the power to share photos and videos faster than you can take them.

How we’ll connect your home to PureFibre

Your new fibre optic connection will typically be installed the same way your copper lines are currently connected, as shown below.

Overhead Access

The fibre from your nearest utility pole is extended to a small box we install on the side of your home or business.  

If there is a locked gate, dog(s) in the yard, or access is physically blocked, we’ll contact you to arrange access.

Buried Access

If an underground pathway already exists, we’ll use it. Otherwise, we’ll dig a pathway – which we’ll fully restore to its original condition.

If any disruption to your property is required, we’ll provide written details of the necessary work, and will only proceed once you’ve approved.

Check out the video for more details.

Combined Access

This method is a combination of Overhead and Buried access. You’ll have the fibre connecting partly overhead and partly underground.

Apartments and condos

If you live in an condo, we’ll work directly with your Strata to get connected to our PureFibre network.

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