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AlarmForce customers – welcome to the TELUS family

With 24-hour security and monitoring, we're using Canada's award-winning network to make your home safer and smarter.

Getting started

We’re excited to welcome you and are committed to making the transition to TELUS seamless. You can count on the same reliable service you’ve come to expect, with even more exciting capabilities coming in the future.

Your questions answered


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TELUS SmartHome Security

Secure and control your whole home through a single screen, from anywhere. Manage your system settings, control your smart devices and view recent activity.

AlarmForce Connect

The AlarmForce Connect mobile app has been decommissioned. If you previously used AlarmForce Connect and need access to live video streaming, please call 1-855-255-8828 to speak to an agent about an equipment upgrade. You will still be able to arm/disarm your alarm by entering your PIN and using the Off, Stay and Away buttons on your panel.