Driving customer experiences through automated tech


Automate all the things. Behind this big machine is our digital platform – driving all of our automated technologies. We know that we can’t scale on the backs of humans.

How we work

Our work outlasts quick fads and trends. By automating simple processes, we shorten our time to market. We create products that allow room for failure and experimentation. This enables us to deliver the best products for our customers.

Tech investments

Seeing the future 15 years and beyond, we want to make things easier for our customers and teams. That’s why we’re making serious investments in chatbot tech, AI and machine learning.

Our team

See what we are building, learning and dreaming about in digital transformation, and get to choose the team you want to join.
A group of adults working together in a conference room

Creating connected experiences for our customers

Digital life helps us understand the needs of our customers better through connected tech.

Digital life

Customers want a seamless journey whether they’re in a TELUS store, on our website or seeing one of our ads. By building awareness of our line of digital accessories – technology that customers find useful in their daily lives, we’re tapping into their lifestyle.

Digital platform

Our ecosystem of tools, technologies, and practices allow us to deliver world-class customer experiences with high quality and speed.

Site Builder

With Site Builder, a multi-platform design system for the creation of digital products and experience, our teams can quickly create high quality websites and campaign pages in 45 minutes or less. We don’t believe in reworking the same solution many times over. For us, it’s all about streamlining the small tasks and working efficiently.

Universal Design System

A multi-platform design system for the creation of digital products and experiences for TELUS, Koodo and Public Mobile. Access a comprehensive collection of robust, accessible, and customizable components, hooks, and utilities. Create a digital experience for a single brand or many, without duplicate effort.