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Creating a connected experience for our customers

Digital Life

Why we love Digital Life

Our initiatives bring the connected experience to life by building awareness of our line of digital accessories and technology that customers find useful in their daily lives.

What we’ve learned

Digital life helps us understand the needs of our customers better through connected tech.

Bringing it together

Our work allows us to understand how to create an experience that ties in smart content, design and tech together.

Your growth as part of our tech revolution

Get to know our ecosystem of tools, technologies and practices that allow us to bring you valuable experience as a team member.

TM Forum winner

The TELUS Digital Platform has won the 2019 TM Forum Awards for "Open digital ecosystem platform of the year." Through open-source collaboration and inspiration from TM Forum, the Platform is enabling incredible technology and customer outcomes at TELUS.

Content infrastructure

For us it’s all about delivering quality experiences with velocity. By reusing content components, all of the basic things are done.

Delivery infrastructure

Shippy is our automated cloud deployment tool that helps us beat the competition in the market. It’s an automated tool that tests for quality, security and accessibility, this allows our developers the time to focus on writing good code.

Data intelligence

Turning insights into action, our analytics platform is a set of predictive technologies that enable us to optimize and pivot on demand.


Our API Platform helps our developers build world-class applications by simplifying complex backend integrations. APIs contain reusable business logic which enables the team to do quick iterations.

site Builder

An engine to enable your rapid design and development

Three different website landing pages showcasing the TELUS look and feel

Why we love Site Builder

For us, it’s about how we simplify the small tasks and our path to production. With Site Builder, our teams can quickly create high quality websites and campaign pages in 45 minutes or less.
How it works

How it works

Site Builder is a cross product platform where we combine content, design and code in one place. Teams are given a set of pre-approved building blocks to build out pages quickly. These blocks can then be edited, reordered and personalized to specific customer segments – enabling our ability to personalize content.
What's great

What’s great about it

By preventing code duplication, Site Builder allows our developers to fix or add code quickly without affecting the content.

What we've learned

By solving real design challenges rather than duplicating effort, designers can now drag-and-drop the solutions to common problems and developers can mirror them with just a few lines of code.

Bringing it together

With an open source model, teams are encouraged to choose what type of components they need to build pages rapidly. Being vocal about our ideas, we now have the freedom to deliver a quality product to our customers in no time at all.

Universal Design System

A multi-platform design system for the creation of digital products and experiences.
  • Clear and simple designs
  • Respect our customers
  • Support the business
  • Be efficient
  • Measure
  • Mobile first
  • Seek the perspective of others
  • Think end-to-end
An open laptop showing an undefined website in TELUS colours and a frog jumping above

Why we love TELUS Design System

Because it enables our teams to create consistent customer journeys. It speeds up the path to production by eliminating duplicate effort and reduces the strain of staying up to date as the brand continues to evolve.

What we learned

Solving real design challenges rather than duplicating effort. Designers can now drag-and-drop the solutions to common problems and developers can mirror them with just a few lines of code.
A tablet screen showing 3 rabbits with TELUS Pantone cards

Build better, together

Once our teams solve a problem at TELUS they can contribute the design and code pattern back into the system. This empowers team members to discover, design and develop collaboratively.

Site Builder + Design System

As part of the Digital Platform, SiteBuilder is a cross-platform product that combines content with Design System components, which enable teams to build out amazing marketing and campaign pages quickly and consistently.