This is massive

Save up to $1,800 when you bundle Gigabit Internet and Optik TV for 2 years.

Starting at:

Package includes Gigabit Internet with unlimited home internet data and Optik TV on a 2 year term. Current regular price of Optik and Gigabit Internet is $238/mo, and unlimited data is $20/mo.

Plus get a $100 bill credit (including tax) when you order online.

Package includes:

  • Get your choice of 4 Theme Packs & 1 Premium.

  • TELUS Gigabit Internet with unlimited home internet data for 2 years.

  • FREE 4K PVR rental, plus one FREE wireless digital box rental

  • Access to astonishing 4K & 4K HDR entertainment

  • FREE Advanced Wi-Fi modem rental for blazing-fast internet speeds

9 South Asian Theme Packs

Mix and match English and South Asian theme packs to customize your family’s perfect TV combo*. Choose from the widest selection of Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu channels.

Switch to Optik TV for:

Only Optik TV has the largest PVR capacity

  • Largest storage capacity, with up to 400 hours of HD and 100 hours of 4K
  • Supports playback of HDR content
  • Record up to 5 HD programs at once
How it works

Earn with TELUS Rewards by bundling your TELUS Services

Being a TELUS customer just got even more rewarding. That’s because you can earn points you can turn into free movie rentals, bill credits, charity donations and more as part of the exclusive new TELUS Rewards™ program. All for bundling your services wiith TELUS.

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More Optik TV benefits

Only Optik TV has the largest PVR capacity

Record up to 400 hours in HD or 100 hours in 4K. Get the PVR and one wireless digital box rental for FREE on a 2 year term.

Only Optik TV has wireless digital boxes so you can set up your TV in any room

Extend your viewing experience to multiple TVs in your home without having to run messy cables. 1 FREE rental on a 2 year term.