Super fast just got super affordable. Save $70/mo.

Get Gigabit Internet – the fastest speed in Western Canada. Only $85/month.

Plus, get a $150 bill credit when you order online



Gigabit Internet: $85/mo for the first 24 months. Regular price of $155/mo.

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  • With download speeds of up to 940 Mbps, download a 1080p movie (~5GB size) in as little as 48 seconds or a 50GB Video Game in under 8 minutes.

  • Up to 940 Mbps download and 940 Mbps upload speeds

  • Advanced Wi-Fi Modem rental

  • Plus, $150 bill credit when you order online

  • TELUS Internet plans gives you price guarantee during your 2 year term

Sign up for Gigabit Internet with unlimited home internet data on a 2 year term for $85/mo. Regular price of $155/mo. and unlimited data $15/mo. applies thereafter. Fees apply for early cancellation.

Why choose this deal?

TELUS PureFibre™. The fastest internet technology.

  • Stream without buffering: Watch your favourite shows without interruption

  • Power through peak times: Enjoy a consistent connection, any time of day

  • Get our fastest speeds on multiple devices: Experience plenty of speed, even when everyone’s connected

Experience the best gaming quality.

  • TELUS ranks #1 for the best gaming quality, with the lowest combined latency and jitter amongst major ISPs.