How to reset or change your mobility voicemail password for TELUS Business customers

As a business customer, your plan includes voicemail. Here's is how you can reset your voicemail password

If you are experiencing issues with your enhanced voicemail, visual voicemail or voicemail to text features, please contact us via
below. On this page, you will find how to:

Reset a voicemail password

You may need to reset a voicemail password if you’re assigning a phone number to a new employee or if the password has been forgotten.

There are ways to do this without having to speak to an agent.

Change your mobile voicemail password

If you want to change your password, you can do so from your My TELUS portal (as per the reset a voicemail password steps above), from your mobile phone or from a landline phone.

Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Download the
TELUS Voicemail Quick Reference Guide
for feature reference and helpful tips.

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