Prepare for your repair appointment

Follow these tips to ensure your repair day goes smoothly

Before the repair day

You should receive a reminder email and/or SMS a few days prior to the repair date you arranged. You can pick a different time and date if you need to change the date of your repair.

Prepare for a smooth repair

  • Have an contact person (18 years of age or older) present for the entire duration of the repair, it may take 1.5 to 2.5 hours

  • Contact your property manager in advance to arrange access to your building’s telephone room if your business is in a tower or similar commercial space.

  • Make sure your pets are safely secured for the duration of the repair

  • Move any furniture blocking access to telephone and computer connections

  • If the cause of the issue is deemed to be due to wiring inside your location or anything not caused by TELUS, the technician will notify you of any billable charges that will be incurred to resolve the issue prior to completing the repair

I received a communication from TELUS about a service check

TELUS periodically contacts select customers via email or SMS text to offer them service improvement options.

Customers that are contacted via email or SMS text for this purpose that would like to participate in improvements are required to confirm their identity and mailing address to proceed with the improvement initiatives.

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today to discuss service improvements.

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