Families across Canada count on TELUS to keep their kids safe

Real Life Stories · Feb 6, 2019

One of the benefits of TELUS SmartHome Security that families across Canada enjoy is the ability to check up on their kids from anywhere –  providing invaluable peace of mind that their family is okay. Hear some of our customer’s stories:

"On top of having the security of an alarm system, I love being able to check in on the house and kids with video surveillance. I also use my app so much to unlock doors when family drops things off and I can't be home and to adjust my thermostat from anywhere at any time! So convenient!"

- Christa from Creighton, SK

"When the grandchildren are around I set my system to 'ping' when a door opens"

- Sharon from Revelstoke, BC

"I don't have to worry about my wife and kids when I'm not there. And, our monitored smoke detectors also ensures that the fire department will be notified even if no one is home"

- Stephane from Maskinonge, QC

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