What does self-confidence mean to you?

Mental Health · Jul 8, 2021

Many of us aspire to be self-confident. It’s attractive when we see confidence in others, and it inspires us in our personal and professional lives. Self-confidence refers to your own trust in your abilities, capacities and judgments, or the belief that you can successfully face day-to-day challenges and demands. At its most basic level, self-confidence is simply believing in yourself.

There are many good reasons to build your self-confidence:

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Improve happiness and life enjoyment

  • More positive and interactive relationships

  • Increase motivation to take action in your personal and professional life

  • More open to taking risks and trying new things

  • Strengthened resiliency

How to build self-confidence

Building self-confidence isn’t always easy. Here are some practical tips you can use to help build your self-confidence:

Take care of your body and mind. Eating well, exercising often, spending time outdoors and meditating are just a few ways you can improve your physical and mental health which can lead to improved self-confidence. Bonus: incorporating healthy habits in your daily routine reinforces a sense of achievement as well!

Face your fears. Challenging yourself to do things that you are afraid of is one of the best ways to build confidence. Facing adversity can build resilience. Courage is the willingness to take risks in life. It can sometimes result in failure but it is in failure that provides the opportunity to grow and become more self-aware. (Brown, 2015)*.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison leaves us open to envy and jealousy of others. It attacks our self-esteem. Limit the use of social media. Instead, focus on gratitude as a way of grounding yourself in the good that you can find in your own life.

Have self-compassion. Too often, we’re our own worst critic. When we focus on negative self-talk and emotions, our mood deteriorates and we damage our self-worth.  Self-compassion is about being kind to ourselves in the same way we would be kind to others. Try it out and see how you can better cope with negative emotions. 

Surround yourself with positive people. Stop spending time with people who don’t respect you. Take a look at your core values and use them to guide who you let into your inner circle.

Acknowledge achievements. Accept compliments with grace. Keep a journal of daily successes. Last but certainly not least, set small and achievable goals that remind you that you’re successful and accomplished.

There’s no better time than the present to give these strategies a try and start to feel more engaged and fulfilled. If you’re looking for more personalized tips on how you can build self-confidence, TELUS Health MyCare™ counsellors offer virtual counselling appointments so you can discover how to feel more confident in the comfort of your own home.**

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* Brown, B. (2015).  Rising Strong.  Random House:New York.

** Counselling appointments available to TELUS Health MyCare users in BC, AB, and ON. Counselling appointments require additional payment of $120 inclusive of applicable taxes. Users under employer-sponsored solutions will not pay a fee for the service. Any payments for appointments must be paid using a valid credit card. An in-app receipt will be provided for you to claim for reimbursement if applicable.

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