Things to consider when selecting a counsellor

Mental Health · Jan 19, 2022

Reaching out for counselling support can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. We are fortunate to have many options available but that can also make things confusing.  Here are some things one of our TELUS Health MyCare™ counsellor suggests you should consider when selecting the right counsellor for you.

What does your extended health plan cover?

Not all plans are the same. Some plans cover Social Workers and not Registered Counsellors and vice versa. Some plans may only cover Psychologists. Fortunately, many extended health plans now offer health spending accounts which allow the individual to decide what they want to use the allocated amount for.  

Whether you have coverage or not, always select a counsellor who is registered with a professional designation such as, but not limited to, Registered Social Worker, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Canadian Counsellor, or Registered Psychologist.  These designations mean that a counsellor is accountable to standards of professional practice and ethics.

What qualities does the counsellor have that will help you feel safe and supported?

Based on your unique life experiences, there may be some specific qualities you’re looking for in a counsellor that can make you feel safe to freely express your thoughts and feelings.  Some variables to consider are age, gender, or sexual orientation.  Other variables might include experience supporting individuals through addiction or mental health recovery.  It is important to remember that counsellors are trained professionals and do not need to have the same history as a client to be effective in supporting change.

What are you seeking support for?

Most counsellors have the training to provide general support across a wide range of topics and then have specific areas of interest and/or training. Consider your top one or two goals for change and seek a counsellor who has expertise in those areas.  It is okay to start with a counsellor who has expertise in one aspect of your life and change to another counsellor down the road when other issues might show up as a priority.  

Counselling is about you having your needs met.

What type of treatment do you want?

Treatment comes in many forms.  There is group or individual services.  Some counsellors offer a set number of sessions (essentially a treatment program) while other counsellors assess as you go.  Finally, there are many different treatment modalities that might include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Narrative Therapy, etc.  A counsellor can explain their process to help you make a decision about best fit. Or it may also be beneficial to do your own research on different counselling approaches prior to reaching out for help to see what resonates with you.

TELUS Health MyCare™  has a team of caring and supportive counsellors who are available to help you reach your wellness goals.* Always remember that you are in the driver's seat for directing the change that you want to make in your life.

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*Counselling appointments require additional payment of $120 plus applicable taxes. Users under employer-sponsored solutions will not pay a fee for the service. Any payments for appointments must be paid using a valid credit card. An in-app receipt will be provided for you to claim for reimbursement if applicable.

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