Internet speed test

Measure the speed of your internet connection

Choose the speed plan you are subscribed to:

If you are unsure which speed plan you are subscribed to, you can find that information on your bill, My TELUS or My Wi-Fi app.

For higher speed plans such as 1 Gbps and 1.5 Gbps, the maximum speed may not be available when tested on a single device. This is due to a feature called Quality of Service (QoS), which splits the available bandwidth between all devices connected to your network.

Gaming Tip: If you are a gamer, Xbox speed tests are only accurate up to the Xbox servers. These connections are heavily throttled and do not provide accurate results. As well, please note that download speeds from some popular gaming platforms such as and Steam limit may vary, so even if you have a faster internet connection, these platforms may limit your speed when you are downloading games.