SmartHome Security: What is real-time monitoring?

Learn about SmartHome Security's professional monitoring service

Our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is a highly secure, ULC-certified, TMA Five Diamond rated facility which houses trained professionals and critical information to monitor a home security and/or personal emergency response (PERS) system on a 24/7 basis. To ensure redundancy and reliability of your services, we have two monitoring facilities prepared to receive alarm signals at all times. The station will receive alarm signals from security and/or PERS devices and the operator will use customer account information and a specific action protocol (based on proven industry best practices) to take action.

What happens when there is an event?

In the event of an alarm (fire, intrusion, panic, duress, medical or environmental) the agent will contact the customer by phone. If the alarm is unable to be verified, the CMS will follow a standard action protocol, which involves contacting emergency contacts provided by the customer and dispatching a guard (if applicable) and/or emergency service providers (police, fire, ambulance) as required. In the case of a confirmed emergency, as confirmed by the customer, the customer’s emergency contacts or through your in-home devices, emergency service providers will be dispatched immediately.

False alarm fees

False alarm fees may apply.

If an emergency service provider is dispatched in response to a false alarm, you may incur false alarm charges. Please refer to your local municipality’s bylaw for the latest information regarding false alarm fees and note that it is your responsibility to pay these charges.

Avoid false alarms by:

  • Running a practice test during the 48-hour test period
  • Providing more emergency contacts
  • Enabling Bluetooth disarming

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