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Cruise ships and mobile device roaming

Learn about pay-per-use mobile rates for cruise ships and other satellite locations


Easy Roam and Travel passes are not available for use on cruise ships or other satellite locations. Pay-per-use rates for cruise ships, in-flight and satellite locations are as follows:

  • $7.00/min
  • $0.60/SMS (incoming SMS messages are free)


  • Data connections are no longer available while on a cruise ship that is at sea
  • Your phone will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi if it is available. Cruise lines may or may not offer on-board Wi-Fi, and TELUS is in no way responsible for or associated with the Wi-Fi offerings
  • The data pay-per-use rate while on an in-flight airplane or in another satellite location is $15/MB

Different rates apply to the countries where you port, and depend on whether you have Easy Roam, a travel pass, or continue using pay-per-use rates. Click here to find more information on roaming rates in a specific country.

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