How to manage spam email

Tips and hints for dealing and protecting yourself from spam email messages

What is spam?

Most of the time, email is a an excellent way to communicate with friends and family. On occasion you might receive unsolicited or irrelevant emails for the purpose of advertising, trying to obtain personal data or spreading viruses, this is considered spam.

How can I protect myself from spam?

TELUS email utilizes industry leading filters that prevents you from receiving and forwarding spam. Depending on your spam settings, spam emails may end up in your junk folder. On the rare occasion, spam emails may make their way into your inbox.

Take these extra precautions:

  1. Install Norton Security Online to increase the level of security and personal information protection on your personal devices

  2. If you receive regular spam or are suspicious, flag the sender as spam:

  3. Forward the email to:

TELUS will gather all the reports from different customers about the same email and take further steps to protect others from receiving it.

Pro tips:

  • Regularly check your junk mail folder so that you can retrieve any email messages that are valid. Right click to mark it as “not spam” to improve the filtering going forward.
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted email distribution lists.

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