Install Norton Security Online on an Android device

Learn how to install Norton Security Online on your Android device

This article will assist with installing Norton Security Online to your Android device. If you have not added Norton Security Online to your account yet, follow these steps.

You can install Norton Security Online directly from the Google Play store on your Android mobile device.

  1. Open Google Play and search Norton Security and Antivirus. Select Install

  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and select Enter a partner code to link to your TELUS account

  3. Enter partner code TELUSNSO and select next. You will be asked to confirm your partner and can select proceed. The page may take up to a minute to load

  4. You will be prompted to login using your My TELUS credentials

Pro-tip: If you have reached the maximum number of devices, contact us to upgrade to Premium.

Your TELUS Norton Mobile Security is now activated and ready to use!

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