Healthy Living Network

How to watch Healthy Living Network shows using a remote control

Access Healthy Living Network on your TV

The Healthy Living Network lives in the On Demand section of Optik TV. To access it:

  1. Go to Channel 346 in the Optik guide and select OK twice
    Press the On Demand button on your remote control and select Healthy Living in the main menu
  2. Use the right arrow to browse desired categories
  3. Use the arrows to browse titles

Watching Healthy Living Network shows

The Healthy Living Network features three types of shows: Free , Rental and Purchase. Use the arrows to pick a show and select OK.


  1. Select OK and the show will start immediately


  1. Select Order options ($ icon)
  2. Select HD for $X to confirm rental. You will have access to this show for 48 hours


These programs are identified as "Own on Optik."

  1. Select Order options ($ icon)
  2. Select HD for $X to confirm purchase. You will have unlimited access to these shows on your Optik set top box, and can find them in the My Videos section in the main menu

Tip: Come back often to check out new shows and categories.

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