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What is the Pause Wi-Fi functionality?

With the Advanced Wi-Fi modem, you can pause devices on your network. Pause capability and response times differ by device. Pause will prevent some devices from establishing a connection and will prevent or delay streaming on other devices. Some chat and streaming functionality already underway will not be paused but pause may prevent a device from establishing a future chat connection.

The ability to pause individual devices is restricted to customers with the Advanced Wi-Fi modem. TELUS Boost Wi-Fi in combination with any other modem will provide a global pause feature. This means all devices connected to your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi will be blocked from accessing the Internet.

Can I use the pause functionality when I'm away from home?

If you have an Advanced Wi-Fi modem in your home, you will be able to pause/unpause certain devices while away from home.

If you are using TELUS Boost Wi-Fi, pause/unpause will work while you are connected to Boost Wi-Fi.

Can I pause my Optik TV?

Optik TV should be prevented from being paused.

If your Optik TV digital box is paused, it may force a reboot. Unpausing it and rebooting once more will resume normal operations of Optik TV.

My Wi-Fi app says modem is not compatible.

Some of the features of the app only work with our Advanced Wi-Fi modem or TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.

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TELUS Boost Wi-Fi is compatible with all of our modems, so you will receive advanced features once TELUS Boost is setup in your home.

Can Smart Home devices be paused?

Yes, at this time you are able to pause all devices connected to your Wi-Fi. Pausing these devices will prevent them from operating normally.

Having trouble identifying devices on your network?

Can I create a guest Wi-Fi network?

Yes! Guest Wi-Fi can be enabled on our Advanced Wi-Fi modem.

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