Catch Santa this holiday season using the TELUS SmartHome app

During the Holidays, between December 10th to the 26th, you can use your TELUS SmartHome app to catch Santa in action at your home!

Before you begin

To spot Santa, you will need to have the latest version of the SmartHome app installed:

  • 4.10.11 for iOS
  • 4.10.13 for Android


Supported cameras

  • ADC 722
  • ADC V521
  • ADC 723
  • ADC 522

How to spot Santa

  1. Select a Live Video feed and tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot
  2. Add one of the Santa images, resizing or moving him as needed. Then select from day or night Santa options
  3. Click on the Download or Share icons to share the image with friends and family!
    Note: Download and Share buttons for Android are found at the top of the screen.

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