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Why TELUS PureFibre is better

The #1 Internet technology for speed and reliability

100% fibre optic network

Fibre optic never degrades, which means an always fast, always consistent connection, without lag or buffering delays.

A direct connection

Unlike other providers, TELUS PureFibre delivers 100% fibre right to your home on a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours.

Equally fast downloads AND uploads

Only fibre can deliver uploads as consistently lightning-fast as downloads, which makes sharing and streaming online easier.

Your home future-proofed

As new connected technologies begin to transform daily living, you’ll be ready to keep your family secure, comfortable and entertained.

Improved Mobility coverage and performance

As we roll out TELUS PureFibre we'll also upgrade TELUS Mobility. You'll experience improved coverage and the same great speeds on mobile internet as at home.

TELUS PureFibre and you

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TELUS PureFibre stories

Zajac Ranch
What if TELUS PureFibre could keep a child in need at camp?
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The Zajac Ranch in Mission, BC is a summer camp for children who are dealing with chronic and debilitating health issues. Coming to the ranch is a welcomed break from daily routines and an opportunity for campers to challenge themselves in ways that simply aren’t available at home.

Even though the Zajac Ranch is always finding ways to help as many children as possible experience camp through special medical care and even extra funding, there were still some kids who just couldn’t come because they needed daily check ups with their doctors. Despite the possibility that Facetiming with a doctor could open the door for a child to come, the camp wasn’t able to accommodate them because there was no Internet available.

When TELUS PureFibre came to the camp all of that changed. Children from around the province who always wanted to come to camp were packing their bags, because they could still check in with their doctors, provide real time updates and access critical information for their continued health.

Who would have thought access to fast and reliable Internet could actually change a kid’s life? The Zajac Ranch has the campers to prove it.

“TELUS PureFibre allows us to provide a camp experience for kids who may never have had an opportunity.”

Kim Chung
Zajac Ranch Nurse

Mission, BC’s Zajac Ranch is a summer camp for children dealing with chronic and debilitating health issues.

Even though the ranch is always finding ways to help as many children as possible experience camp, some kids still couldn’t come because they needed daily medical checkups. And without an internet connection, the camp couldn’t facilitate Facetiming with a doctor.

When TELUS PureFibre arrived, all that changed. Kids who couldn’t come before now can because they can regularly check in online with their doctors. “Having the ability to provide Telehealth is really important,” says Zajac Ranch nurse, Kim Chung.

Sunshine TV
What if being remote could become an advantage?
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Sunshine TV is a small business that offers video production for companies who need cost effective video advertising. By locating outside of Vancouver, Sunshine TV is able to provide a local perspective that best suits their Whistler and Sunshine Coast markets, as well as the high quality production value usually reserved for big city studios, all at a fraction of the cost.

Creating this nice little niche took a leap of faith and a lot of hard work that almost didn’t pan out at the beginning. When the business started Sunshine TV was immediately challenged with unreliable and relatively slower Internet speeds. Even though they smartly uploaded their large GB video files overnight, all it took was a quick drop of a connection to derail the delivery of several weeks worth of work.

When TELUS PureFibre was brought into the Sunshine Coast, business began booming almost immediately. The ultra reliable connection and blazing fast upload speeds meant Sunshine TV could deliver the high quality videos expected from a large studio in an even faster time frame than those large studios. For Sunshine TV, this one innovation literally created dozens of happy clients and one ecstatic business owner.

“Something that used to take me a couple of hours will now only take me 10 minutes.”

Annika Anderson
Owner, Sunshine TV

Sunshine TV is a small business that offers cost effective video advertising for Whistler and Sunshine Coast based companies.

Until recently, slow, unreliable internet speeds hindered business.

When ultra-reliable and blazing fast TELUS PureFibre arrived, Sunshine TV’s business began booming because the company could now compete with larger studios. “I won’t worry anymore because I know I can deliver,” says Sunshine TV owner, Annika Anderson.

Molly’s Reach
What if the Internet could make food taste better?
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Molly’s Reach is a restaurant that was the centerpiece of the classic Canadian TV show, “The Beachcombers”. Now it’s the centerpiece of the tourism trade in beautiful Gibsons, BC. Known for its perfect location and tasty locally sourced food, Molly’s Reach is a sure bet to deliver a great meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Even though the amazing setting and food could always be relied upon, their Internet connection was a different story. If a storm hit at the wrong time, Molly’s Reach could find itself without Internet and without a way to process visiting customers’ credit and debit cards when many people don’t carry cash. This, of course, was a tremendous business concern and a constant creator of stress for the staff.

When TELUS PureFibre arrived in Gibsons, those stress levels came down immensely.

A secure and reliable Internet connection meant everyone could stay focused on providing an unparalleled dining experience instead of worrying about being paid for their hard work. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief and nearly taste the difference.

“TELUS PureFibre gives me peace of mind. With the busy summer coming up I’m not one bit worried.”

Diane Twohig

Famous as the setting of the classic Canadian TV series, The Beachcombers. Molley’s Reach is the centerpiece of tourism in Gibsons, BC.

But despite its iconic status and delicious food, an unreliable internet connection led to frequent payment transaction disruptions.

When TELUS PureFibre arrived in Gibsons, businesses like Molley’s Reach no longer faced such problems. “TELUS PureFibre gives me peace of mind. With the busy summer coming up, I’m not one bit worried,” says owner Diane Twohig.

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