TELUS Relay Service


TELUS Relay Service (TRS) enables clients who are deaf, hard of hearing or experience difficulty with speech – and who use a Teletypewriter (TTY) – to communicate with regular telephone users. TRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is no additional charge for using the TRS to place local calls.

Calls placed through the TRS are also entirely confidential. TELUS Relay agents are professionally trained and follow a strict code of ethics. No record of conversation content is retained.

Phone numbers

There are 3 different phone numbers, depending on the type of call you’d like to make.

  • 711 (TTY to Voice)

  • 1-800-855-0511 (Voice to TTY)

  • 1-800-855-1155 (TTY to TTY) for Operator Assistance in billing your long distance call to another TTY

How TRS works for TTY users

A person who is deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired uses a TTY to type his or her conversation to a TELUS Relay agent, who then reads the typed conversation to the other party. The TELUS Relay agent then types the other party’s spoken words back to the TTY user.

Make a TRS call - TTY user


Dial 711 from your TTY device (either standard or plugged into your mobile phone)


The TELUS Relay agent will answer saying TELUS RELAY SERVICE, (agent’s name) SPEAKING, followed by GA (for go ahead).


Type in the area code and number you would like to call, and then type GA.


The TELUS Relay agent will dial the number and will let you know how the connection is progressing e.g. (ringing 1...2...3...), inform you when someone answers, and then give the person’s gender in brackets (e.g. (f) female, (m) male).

Tips for TTY users

  • Give TRS your name and the name of the person you are calling. This makes it easier for us to initiate your call.

  • Give TRS the call recipient’s area code, even when it’s a local call.

  • When calling a business with multiple departments, advise the TELUS Relay agent so they know which department you wish to reach.

  • You may leave messages on answering machines or voicemail systems through TRS. When you leave a message, leave the TRS voice to deaf number (1-800-855-0511) along with your area code and phone number.

  • If you wish to retrieve voice messages from voicemail and the answering machine device requires an access PIN code, please provide the code to the TELUS Relay agent.

How TRS works for voice users

Standard telephone users and TELUS Mobility users can easily initiate calls to TTY users using the TELUS Relay Service. A TELUS Relay agent will type your spoken words to the TTY user and read back their replies.

Make a TRS call - voice user


Dial 1-800-855-0511. The TELUS Relay agent will answer saying “Hi this is the TELUS Relay Service for the deaf and hard of hearing, how may I help you?”


Provide the TELUS Relay agent the area code and number you would like to call.


The TELUS Relay agent will dial the number and keep you informed, as you will not be able to hear the line ring.


The TELUS Relay agent will tell you when the TTY has answered and read what is typed, followed by GO AHEAD, which is your cue to begin speaking.


Always finish by saying GO AHEAD so the TTY user will know it’s their turn to respond.

Tips for voice users

  • Remember to speak directly to the TTY user, not to the TELUS Relay agent.

  • Speak a bit more slowly than usual as the TELUS Relay agent is typing word for word what you’re saying.

  • Spell names.

  • Always say GO AHEAD when you are finished.

  • Always wait for the TELUS Relay agent to say GO AHEAD before speaking.

  • Let the TELUS Relay agent know at the beginning of the call if you are familiar with the service.

  • Giving the agent your name or the name of the person you are trying to reach helps the agent connect to the person you are calling.

Rates & billing

Applicable long distance and/or directory assistance charges apply for incoming and outgoing calls. If using a mobile phone to access TRS, airtime rates apply.

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