Preparing for your TELUS Service Appointment

Getting a new service installed? Learn everything you need to know to get ready for your TELUS Service Appointment.

We value your time and investment, and want to ensure your TELUS service appointment goes as smoothly as possible. Here are helpful checklists to ensure your site is ready for TELUS technicians when they arrive.

Want to view your upcoming appointment? Simply log into My TELUS to get details of your appointment such as date, status, primary contact, and/or appointment type. Learn how to view and manage your appointments.


On Site Contact

On the day of your appointment, an on site contact is required for the TELUS technician(s) to start their service and someone to communicate with. Please ensure your on site contact meet the following criteria:

  • ☐  Physically present for appointment

  • ☐  Over the age of 18

  • ☐  Authorized decision maker to provide for the TELUS technician

  • ☐  Responsible for informing all office personnel & security of the upcoming appointment

  • ☐  Responsible for gathering approvals for installation and potential drilling from building management

  • ☐  Responsible for providing room access


Site Accessibility & Readiness

To ensure a smooth appointment please ensure the following are met at your service location site(s):

  • ☐  Ensure access to the phone room/electrical room for day of the installation

    • ☐  Ensure building management personnel are available to provide access to main building telephone / electrical rooms

    • ☐  Ensure keys are available for our technician(s) to access the telephone room

  • ☐  Move furniture or other materials to ensure there is a clear path to the telephone/electrical rooms and/or areas where hardware will need to be installed to ensure safe and reasonable access

  • ☐  If your site is undergoing renovation/construction please ensure your site has power & inside wiring completed

Note: If existing wiring does not meet TELUS standards, additional charges may apply for a wiring upgrade. Charges may also apply if you request additional wiring.


More important details regarding your appointment

In addition to the On Site Contact, Site Accessibility and Site Readiness steps, here are some more important details to prepare for based on the product you have requested:

If you are unable to accommodate these requirements or need more time to prepare for your appointment, please contact our support team to cancel or reschedule.

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