TELUS PureFibre: Changes to your bill

The addition of new services will alter the look of your bill

We're upgrading our billing system to support the TELUS PureFibre network in your area. When your services move to the new system, the look of your bill will be altered. Services and charges will remain the same.

Why is there a new billing system?

The TELUS PureFibre network is expanding throughout British Columbia and Alberta to bring communities the fastest, most reliable internet technology. As part of the network build, we also upgraded our systems to better support you.

What will happen to my bill?

You will automatically be moved to the new system as part of the overall upgrade, but your services and charges will remain the same.

What will look different on my bill?

Your services will appear as “cancelled” (to remove services from the old system), but then “added” (to activate services in the new system). Your services and charges will remain the same.

How can I view my bill?

Log in to My TELUS to view your bill.

Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology, which is based on light signals.

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