Mobile Internet

Need to connect 1 device, or up to 32? No problem. Our Mobile Internet devices go with our Mobile Internet plans so you’re always connected, wherever you go.

Smart Hub

  • LTE Advanced Enabled: LTE Cat 6 allows users to experience download speeds up to 300Mbps and upload speeds up to 50Mbps.
  • Connect multiple users to WiFi: Can simultaneously connect up to 32 WiFi users to TELUS’ mobility network.
  • This is a data only product. Voice function is not supported.

Huawei B612 Smart Hub


Smart Hub

Smart Hub

  • Supports up to 20 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, keeping an entire household or office connected.
  • The 3000 mAh backup battery can keep you browsing even in the event of a power outage.
  • Portable and easy setup. Use it anywhere in TELUS coverage area that has a power outlet and a cellular signal.

ZTE MF279 Smart Hub


Internet Key

  • Great for travellers and mobile professionals
  • Stay connected even outside the office
  • As easy as plugging into your laptop

Huawei E8372 LTE WiFi Mobile Internet Key


Internet Key

Internet Hub

  • A powerful battery keeps users and their devices connected and charged up all day long. Connects up to 15 devices for up to 24 hours.
  • Captive 2.4” touch colour display, essential device information is delivered in a simple way.
  • MiFi Share provides users the ability to share files with connected devices on the local, secure, Wi-Fi network from a USB-C memory stick.

Novatel Wireless MiFi 7000


Get Mobile Internet for business


Choose a Mobile Internet plan that fits your needs. All of our Mobile Internet plans work with all of our Mobile Internet devices. Pick a device before you pick a plan.

Mobile Internet Flex Plans

Starting from
$10 per month2
  • Automatically adjusts to your monthly data usage

Pick a device before you pick a plan. Available for:

When you use... You pay...
Up to 100MB $10/month3
Up to 500MB $30/month3
Up to 2GB $45/month3
Up to 6GB $70/month3
Up to 10GB $85/month3
After 10GB + 5¢/MB4

Mobile Internet Flex + Voice

Starting from
$60 per month2
  • Unlimited Nationwide anytime minutes5
  • Voice Mail 25, TELUS Call Display+, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • 100MB Flex data4

Pick a device before you pick a plan. Available for:

When you use... You pay...
Up to 100MB $60/month3
Up to 500MB $80/month3
Up to 2GB $95/month3
Up to 6GB $120/month3
Up to 10GB $135/month3
After 10GB + 5¢/MB4

Data usage guide

We’ve got you covered

We’ve got you covered

Mobile Internet devices use the same cellular network as your phone. Whether you are in the city or the country, or at the cottage, we offer network coverage across Canada.

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