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Product highlights

Access all your data as a single source of truth

Easy for team members, with strong tools for power users

Uncover actionable insights to boost sales and profitability

Quickly summarize data and detect trends that you might not otherwise recognize

Identify issues based on trends before they become major challenges

Key Features

  • Customizable views

    Solution views are tailored to the unique needs of your business to provide an accurate picture of gaps, opportunities and trends.

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  • Uncover new opportunities

    Actionable intelligence allows you to drill into your data and identify where to best focus your efforts.

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  • Speed to insights

    Dig into categories and analyze product performance with fast and responsive tools. Identify opportunities, risks to growth and key business drivers as they arise.

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  • Management by exception and automated reporting

    Course correct in real-time to ensure that your processes are going according to plan.

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  • Single source of truth

    Ensure consistency throughout your organization by empowering everyone to work from the same data set.

  • Actionable analysis

    Use more comprehensive data to better understand where to focus your sales efforts and develop action plans to increase profitability.

  • See the big picture

    Identify issues before they impact your top and bottom-line metrics with historical trend analysis.

  • Management by exception

    Monitor data for changes beyond a pre-set range, notifying users when a deviation has occurred to allow for immediate intervention.

  • Void Matrix

    Void Matrix helps identify sales opportunities or challenges for items, brands and categories.

  • Boost efficiency

    Slice your data to the right people without intervention from your IT staff or high implementation costs.

  • Empower your partners

    Share data and results with external business partners and internal decision makers with intuitive dashboard views.

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