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Analytics and data management

Data analysis to drive powerful business strategies

Tracking business data is important – knowing how to interpret it and use key takeaways to power future planning is vital. Access benchmark, trend and reporting data, anytime and anywhere, to make important business decisions on-the-go.

  • Insights, reporting and dashboards

    Reduce risk with reliable data insights

    Maximize efficiency, minimize waste and optimize resources with total data visibility. Benchmark and profile products, sites, suppliers and people performance, using third-party data sets and AI principles.

    • Identify key risks and highlight required action to improve customer satisfaction
    • Improve shelf life performance and drive out waste
    • Optimize operational efficiency through benchmarking and profiling
    • Ensure the accuracy of labels through automated template recognition, eliminating product recalls
  • Data management

    Drive alignment of quality standards and compliance

    Get the whole team on the same page when it comes to your quality standards. A highly configurable, HACCP-certified platform provides a space to maintain product specifications, quality attribute sheets, and standard operating procedures in one central location.

    • Build and measure a list of the most important quality attributes
    • Create a robust and consistent approach to business by standardizing processes across the supply chain
    • Ensure the team has a clear understanding of best practices, by populating reports with text and pictorial evidence of what good, bad, and satisfactory look like
    • Measure and capture key performance data at any point
  • Data integration

    Don't just measure it - manage it

    Simplify data integration, driving efficiency and authenticity, with reliable software architecture. Integrate data captured with key ERP systems such as stock management or procurement systems through API, data feed and integrations.

    • Measure shelf life performance
    • Track defect and attribute level trends
    • Monitor reporting on temperature specifications
    • Capture business data on-the-move with offline functionality
    • Compare product and process data against documented procedures
  • Mobile recordkeeping

    Data that’s as available as it is powerful

    Business insight data is only as helpful as it is accessible. Mobile recordkeeping provides a cloud-based intelligence-led solution to manage product quality, process and facility checks. Data is secure and easily accessed in one location for all due diligence and quality data capture.

    • Modernize data capture with a cloud-based solution
    • Measure anytime, anywhere with a combination of web- and app-based data capture
    • Offline functionality to capture key business data on the move

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