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Analytics and data management

Track more, report better, strategize smarter

Manage your supply chain's performance and compliance, product quality and internal processes with a mobile, intelligence-led solution. Software that synthesizes data in a clear, understandable way, can help you make the best and most informed decisions.

  • Insights, reports and dashboards

    Reduce waste and optimize operational efficiency

    Make better-informed decisions with customizable reporting tools. Benchmark and profile product, site, supplier and people performance, to help ensure understanding and compliance across the supply chain.

    • Access a real time view of operations with system generated reports and automated user alerts
    • Expedite response times across the supply chain with fast corrective action notifications to drive performance
    • Incorporate third-party data sets to optimise and steer inspection resources
  • Data management

    Ensure the whole team is on the same page when it comes to meeting high standards

    Set key product and performance metrics, and promote compliance, with a highly configurable HACCP-certified platform. Centrally create and maintain product specifications, quality attribute sheets, and standard operating procedures with confidence.

    • Centrally build a list of key quality attributes
    • Standardize processes across the business and supply chain for a robust and consistent approach
    • Access 95,000 assessments configured covering 767,000 product lines
    • Easily integrate data with enterprise resource planning systems and third-party data sets
    • Achieve transparency into production and food integrity operations
  • Data integration

    Do more with valuable data

    Drive efficiency and authenticity, and monitor compliance, with software that uses tailored tools that can help with strategic planning. Ensure total visibility of the supply chain by incorporating existing data systems and exporting raw data into easily understandable reports.

    • Measure and capture key performance data at any point in the supply chain
    • Export raw data to Excel/CSV
    • Gain visibility into advanced location and supplier performance data
  • Mobile recordkeeping

    Record and analyze data, anytime, anywhere

    Manage product quality, process and facility checks with an intelligence-led, cloud-based solution. Build a secure and easily accessed location for all due diligence and data.

    • Digitize data capture with a cloud-based solution
    • Measure data anywhere with a combination of web and app-based data capture
    • Capture key business data on the move with offline functionality
  • Agrimetrics data

    Show and share what the company can do

    Use supply chain data to show customers and consumers real-time evidence of meeting brand commitments.

    • Capture and store good quality data across the supply chain in a standardized, easily reported method
    • Reduce repeat data entry

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