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Distributors and wholesalers

Manage time, product and supply

Ensure the highest level of production quality and safety, building a brand reputation based on reliability and trust. Achieve total supply chain alignment with cloud-based reporting tools and solutions that identify key metrics including seasonal trends and product performance.

Solutions to let you work smarter not harder

  • Supply chain management

    Know more, achieve more

    Quickly and effectively manage risks by connecting the dots of your supply chain. Make informed decisions with targeted insights into the origins of your products and improved transparency from source to store.

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  • Analytics and data management

    Visualize and analyze your data on the move

    Connect and unify data across your supply chain to drive greater insights and productivity.

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  • Manage to FDA and USDA Food

    Monitor and manage the safety and quality of your product

    Unlock unrivaled transparency into your production and food integrity operations with automated escalation, live reporting, and trend analysis. Ensure routine checks are auditable, standardized, and aligned with your supply chain and internal teams.

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