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AFS Technologies


A significant contributor in AI and mobile-first software solutions for consumer goods companies, food distributors and food manufacturers.

Driving value through purpose-built solutions for food

The consumer goods industry is constantly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Consumer goods organizations need to rigorously manage all routes to market and channels to ensure adequate visibility and control over challenges such as rising materials cost, shortage of high-quality labor, and higher volatility in the marketplace. While the challenges vary depending on the size, maturity, and geography of the organization, certain concepts remain true for all. Manufacturers and distributors are finding significant improvement opportunities through optimizing all aspects of sales and distribution using technology that provides smarter, integrated decision making that requires less effort and improves response time. This improvement is driven from the need for consumer goods organizations to improve visibility, agility, control, and efficiency through the use of advanced analytics and integrated execution capabilities that can optimize all routes to market.

Founded in 1985, AFS Technologies has a long history of providing high-quality solutions to the consumer goods and food service industry. For more than 35 years, AFS has built an impressive portfolio of consumer goods planning, analysis, and execution solutions. 

As a provider of purpose-build solutions for consumer goods manufacturers and distributors, AFS provides assurance that their clients are partnering with a trusted industry expert that understands their business and is committed to continuously driving value for their company.

AFS is comprised of two main business units: Exceedra, integrated business planning solutions for consumer goods manufacturers, and Ignition, supply chain solutions for distributors. As a cornerstone part of TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods, AFS Technologies will be able to leverage solutions spanning the complete value chain. Bringing new tools to customers to promote improved visibility, agility and responsiveness resulting in reduced waste, more efficiency, and less risk.

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About AFS

Over the last 35 years, AFS has provided sales and distribution solutions to consumer goods manufacturers and distributors globally. AFS supports over 1250 customers in 26 countries and employs upwards of 500 team members across most global regions. 

AFS’ depth and breadth of solutions and industry expertise gives their customers confidence that they are partnering with trusted industry experts that provide solutions that drive continuous value to their business. 

Streamline your planning, execution and analysis

AFS Technologies is now TELUS Consumer Goods.

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