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Supply chain management solutions purpose-built for food distributors, processors and 3PL companies.

Supply chain management solution for distributors

Food distributors and processors are challenged by increased competition from traditional and newly formed channels, intense margin pressures, complex deal management and accurate profitability reporting and demands for mobility and real-time visibility. They are faced with multiple units of measure, labor shortages, traceability requirements, multiple DC support, inventory control, ability to satisfy needs of millennial customers, buyer performance, automation and cost containment strategies. Complex pricing and costing needs and access to digitized product content drive distributors to seek integrated purpose-built solutions that are designed specifically to handle their unique requirements without limitations in flexibility and scalability.

With the dramatic changes required to address the new norm of COVID, Ignition provides relief to companies needing to reinvent their business model.

As our industry digests the new challenges, we cannot forget the persistence of the challenges of the past. Ignition is built with the understanding that challenges never go away, they just morph into new and more complicated issues. Ignition has a lengthy track record of constant innovation that provides for a future-proof investment that scales with growth and flexes with changing times.

Ignition is a comprehensive solution platform, purpose-built for distributors. Ignition is a single-source supply chain management solution that is scalable and is modularized to provide the correct solution for each of our partners; large or small. The Ignition solution can include various modules including ERP, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Direct Store Delivery and Business Analytics and Intelligence, which work together in order to drive revenue and reduce costs. The Ignition solutions automate processes and improve productivity to ensure a quick return on investment.

Ignition has demonstrated to their clients that they are partnering with a trusted industry expert that understands their business and is committed to continuously driving efficiency and increased revenue for their company. Ignition builds long-term partnerships with clients, regularly hosting customer advisory boards and user conferences to gain insight into their client’s challenges that will drive the product roadmap for future releases.

As an important component of TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods, Ignition will be able to leverage solutions spanning the complete value chain. Bringing new tools to customers to promote improved visibility, agility and responsiveness resulting in reduced waste, more efficiency, and less risk.

Image showing  Ignition by AFS logo and software.

About Ignition

Ignition has been providing purpose-built supply chain management solutions for distributors across North America for 35 years. Ignition's solutions help to automate processes and improve productivity resulting in increased revenue and reduced costs.

Streamline distribution from purchasing to delivery

Ignition is now TELUS Consumer Goods.