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A global pure play consumer goods solution provider which equips consumer goods companies with smarter sales and distribution capabilities.

In today’s global economy, CPG companies are looking to optimize their marketing spend and improve control and decision making with better visibility across their companies. They also need the freedom to operate their businesses based on local market dynamics and require a standardized global process for managing trade promotions. 

Exceedra helps CPG companies optimize the impact of their trade promotion spend, retail execution and supply chain management to increase market share and preserve shelf-space in retail. Providing them a competitive advantage by quickly connecting them to customers, providing real time access to reliable inventory and order information. As well as a comprehensive solution with strong retail capabilities for planning and settlement. 

Exceedra knows that a cookie-cutter approach is not going to give every customer the kind of planning and insight capabilities companies need to improve their overall business operations. They are committed to understanding each company so they can establish the right solutions for their specific needs and provide a roadmap for how the system will mature with their company.

As a cornerstone part of TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods, Exceedra will be able to leverage solutions spanning the complete food value chain. Bringing new tools to customers to promote improved visibility, agility and responsiveness resulting in reduced waste, more efficiency, and less risk.

About Exceedra

Over the last two decades, Exceedra has grown from a small integrated business planning company, operating primarily in the UK to an award-winning, multinational organization. 

Exceedra is committed to driving value for their consumer goods clients globally, by integrating business planning and optimization analysis to improve the overall performance in trade promotion management for CPG companies.

Streamline your planning, execution and analysis

Exceedra is now TELUS Consumer Goods.

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