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TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods - List of Controllers

Please see below a list of the entities that fall within the TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods (TAC) family of companies. Where we are acting as a controller, the specific TAC entity with which you interact shall be the controller with respect to your personal data.

TAC ControllerBrand
TELUS Agriculture Solutions Inc.TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods (TAC), Herdtrax, AGI
Feedlot Health Management Services Inc.Feedlot Health
Conservis, LLCConservis
Agrian Inc.Agrian, Insero
Sistemas Eletrônicos de Transmissão de Dados do Brasil LtdaAgrian Brazil
Muddy Boots Software Limited (England)Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots Software Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)Muddy Boots
AFS Technologies Holdings, Inc.AFS
AFS Visicom Slovakia a.s.AFS
Quofore Holdings Pty LimitedQuofore
Exceedra Inc. (Delaware)Exceedra
Exceedra Holdings Limited (UK)Exceedra
The POP Company (Shanghai) Co, LtdThe POP Company
The POP Company Pte Ltd (Singapore)The POP Company
Blacksmith Applications Holdings, Inc.Blacksmith Applications, Tabs Analytics, GoSimple, T-Pro Solutions, FS Enablers, Decision Insight