TELUS Bring-It-Back explained

Upgrade your device with the TELUS Bring-It-Back program

Introducing Bring-It-Back

The new Bring-It-Back™ program lowers the upfront cost of a new device. Getting the latest and greatest smartphones just got friendlier. Learn more about Bring-It-Back.


What happens if I no longer want to be part of the Bring-It-Back program?

You can leave the program at any point during your contract by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount. Any point after the first 6 months, you can also leave the program by bringing back your phone. Keep in mind that by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount or bringing back your phone, you may still have a device subsidy balance remaining on your account. Clearing one does not clear the other.

What happens if I want to upgrade early?

In order to complete an upgrade, you will need to first clear the Bring-It-Back program amount from your account. This can be done anytime by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount or returning the device. Keep in mind that you may still have a device balance to pay off.

If I buy online, do I have to return my phone in the store?

You can now return your Bring-It-Back device without visiting a store. Learn more about Online Returns.

Can I join the Bring-It-Back Program with my current contract?

No, Bring-It-Back must be selected at the time of your contract start date. You cannot join part way through an already existing contract. If you would like to sign up for Bring-It-Back you will have to end your current contract and renew with Bring-It-Back.

Why aren’t all phones part of the program?

We consider many things when deciding which devices to include in the Bring-It-Back program. Based on market conditions, we are constantly evaluating what devices to include in the program.

How do the taxes work?

Taxes are charged upfront at the point of sale on the amount prior to the Bring-It-Back program amount being removed. When you return your device or pay back the Bring-It-Back program amount you will not be charged any additional tax.

What condition does my phone need to be in when I bring it back?

In order for a device to be considered eligible for return, it must meet the following 6 criteria. If it does not meet the criteria you will need to pay the Bring-It-Back Program Amount.

  • Device must power on and navigate properly to the home screen
  • The activation lock must be turned off
  • The LCD must function correctly and be free of dead spots or bruising
  • The screen must be undamaged and free of cracks
  • The rest of the device must be undamaged with no cracks, missing parts, or signs of water damage (hinges, keypad, housing, buttons, battery, etc)
  • All information must be wiped

What happens at the end of my contract?

At the end of your 2 year contract, you will need to decide if you want to either 1) return your device to a TELUS location, or; 2) keep the phone and pay the Bring-It-Back Program Amount that was provided to you at the start of your contract. Joining My TELUS is the easiest way for you to manage and stay up to date on important information regarding your account. You can use My TELUS to review Bring-It-Back information including notification banners that remind you to return your device.

What happens if I damage my phone?

If your phone is damaged and no longer meets the Bring-It-Back eligibility criteria, you will be required to pay the Bring-It-Back Program Amount. Be sure to sign up for AppleCare+ or TELUS Device Care so if something happens to your phone, we’ll exchange it for the same device and you can avoid any additional charges.

Terms and conditions

Subject to approved credit. Not available to customers on the credit limit program. Returned device must be in good working condition or you will be responsible for the difference between the Bring-It-Back program amount and the lower trade-in value for a device that is not in good working condition. Trade-in standards published at the time a device is returned will apply. Applicable sales taxes are calculated at time of purchase on the full purchase price. You will not be charged tax on the Bring-It-Back program amount if you chose to keep your device and pay back the Bring-It-Back program amount at, or before, the end of the 24 month term. Bring-It-Back program is only available while you subscribe to mobility service. If mobility service is cancelled before the end of the term, the Bring-It-Back program amount will be charged to your TELUS bill. Only available at participating locations.

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