Save on the latest business devices with Bring-It-Back™ phone plans.

Get a brand-new phone for less. With our Bring-It-Back phone plans, simply return your device at the end of your term to enjoy a lower monthly price.

Why Bring-It-Back?

Newest devices, lower prices

With phones starting at $0 upfront, pay the lowest monthly price on your device with a Bring-It-Back plan, and save more for your business.

Affordable upgrades

At the end of your plan, return your device and seamlessly upgrade to the latest model with continued upfront and monthly savings.

Added flexibility

If you want to keep and continue using your device at the end of your plan term, simply repay the original Bring-It-Back program amount.


See how much you can save on the latest devices for your business

Bring-It-Back makes the latest devices more affordable, allowing your business to save even more. Discover the best new phones for our best price now.

Protect your device

Add an extended warranty to your device to ensure it meets Bring-It-Back return eligibility. If you damage your device, we’ll replace it with the same model and accept it for your Bring-It-Back return.


Check your Bring-It-Back amount anytime with MyTELUS.

What would you like to do with your device?

Whether you decide to keep or return your phone once your Bring-It-Back term comes to an end, there are a variety of options available to help you make the right choice.


Your questions answered

Have more questions about Bring-It-Back?

Our support section has all the answers to your questions. Find information on the Bring-It-Back program, your return options, and much more.