Receive voicemails as text messages or emails

Tips on setting up and using Voicemail to Text from TELUS

With TELUS Voicemail to Text , you choose whether voicemail gets converted to text messages, email, or both.

Important details

  • A subscription is required
  • This service is available on any handset or smartphone that supports email or SMS
  • All voicemail messages are received in your chosen format
  • The actual voicemail remains available in your voicemail inbox
  • The caller ID is displayed with the converted message
  • You'll receive the converted message, instead of a voicemail notification

Note: If you remove the voicemail feature, Voicemail to Text is also removed.

Setting up Voicemail to Text

  1. Log in to your account. Register if you don't have one
  2. Select Change my add-ons
  3. Add a Voicemail to Text package

Note: The services available depend upon your rate plan and mobile phone or smartphone model. If you don't see a service online, contact us.

You can also visit an authorized TELUS store to set up a Voicemail to Text subscription.

Changing how you receive voicemail

To change how you receive voicemail in Voicemail to Text (text messages, email, or both), or to change your associated email address, log in to your account.

If you choose to convert your voicemail to email, you'll receive an audio file (.wav) of the voice message as well as the email. You can read the email message or you can listen to the audio file.

Storing messages

You can store messages as long as there is space in your email account, computer, or text message inbox.

When the voice mailbox is full, you can set it up so your oldest unsaved message is deleted when a new one is received.

Deleting Voicemail to Text

To delete a Voicemail to Text message, dial into your regular voicemail and delete the original message. Deleting the converted text message, email, or .wav attachment does not delete the original voice mail in your voice mail inbox, and vice versa. Voicemail to Text messages remain on your phone or smartphone, or in your email account, until you delete them.

Data usage of Voicemail to Text


  • Reading a transcript on your smartphone uses 2–10 KB (without downloading sound attachments)
  • Listening to sound attachments uses 40–250KB of storage, depending on length of voice mail

Other smartphones

  • Listening to a sound attachment uses 40–260KB of storage, depending on length of voice mail
  • Converted text messages (SMS) have no data or messaging charge

Download the handy TELUS Voicemail Quick Reference Guide for feature reference and helpful tips.

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