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About group picture and video messaging

Group messaging is the ability to send and receive text, picture or video messages between multiple users in a group conversation using picture and video messaging.


  • Any group message, whether delivered in text or picture, is recognized as a picture and video message
  • Some Android phones may also support group messaging. Check your device user guide to see if group messaging is supported

How it works

  1. When the sender composes a message, multiple recipients are selected
  2. All of these selected recipients will receive the message

Note: Users who do not have group messaging enabled will receive it as a normal picture and video message. If these users reply, it will only go to the original sender.
3. When any of the recipients with group messaging enabled reply, it will reply to all

Note: If a user does not have the group message functionality reply option, it will only go to the original sender.


  • Functionality is enabled between Android and iOS users
  • Group messaging is enabled by default in the Hangouts app for compatible devices

Device compatibility


  • Compatibility varies by manufacturer and device models (e.g. available on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 but not on Samsung Galaxy S6. This is a manufacturer restriction.)
  • Android devices on software version 6.0 and up (Android Marshmallow) that have group messaging capability will have the feature on by default


  • Compatible with all models on TELUS network running iOS 9.3 or newer with Carrier Bundle TELUS 24.1 or newer
  • The feature will be introduced and enabled by default with the roll out of next software update


  • Picture and video messaging capability must be enabled for all users for group messaging to work
  • All users must have the group message function on their device. See below for instructions

Enable/disable group messaging


  1. Select Messaging
  2. Select More
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select More settings
  5. Select Multimedia messages
  6. Select Group conversation
  7. Turn On or Off

Note: These steps may differ slightly depending on the make, model and software version.


  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Messages
  3. Select MMS messaging
  4. Select Group message
  5. Turn toggle to On or Off

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