TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy


These policies and procedures apply to TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy and TELUS Health Pharmacy (collectively referred to as “the Pharmacy”)

Counselling for new, refill prescriptions and on over-the-counter medications

For new prescriptions, counselling will be initiated by the pharmacist. Counselling will also be initiated by the pharmacist when it is required in its professional opinion. Counselling on medications, including medications on prescription and over the counter medications, is available at any time you have questions. Pharmacists are also available for private and confidential consultation over the phone and virtually. All of our team members who will provide counselling or information regarding your health are licensed pharmacists.

Delivery policy

The Pharmacy offers, through Canada Post, a convenient delivery service. You can choose to receive your delivery at home, at work or at any post office. You will also be able to track your item across Canada. For most urban and suburban locations, shipments arrive the next business day. In remote locations, service may take longer. Ask a member of our pharmacy team when filling your prescription for an estimated delivery time. Refer to the chart below for service standards.

Courier: Courier Canada Post

Service Type: Xpresspost™

Delivery Standard: 1-3 business days (next business day service to most urban centres)

Service Standard: Shipments sent between most major urban centers within delivery standard

Signature Required: Yes

Before shipment release from the Pharmacy

You can decide to receive your order at home or at work. You can also ask to receive your order at another address and/or by another person that you authorized in advance to receive it on your behalf (“your agent”). The name of your agent, if applicable and, in all cases, the address where you would like the delivery to be made must be provided to the Pharmacy prior to the shipment release.

If you wish to have your parcel delivered at a post-office, you can subscribe to FlexDelivery™. This service offered by Canada Post will enable you to choose the post office location where you would like your parcel to be sent. FlexDelivery™ address must be provided to the Pharmacy prior to shipment release. FlexDelivery™ options are delivery locations managed by the patient, the Pharmacy employees are unable to access, set or change FlexDelivery™ service preferences. If you subscribe to that service, it is important that you advise us in advance of the post office location where you choose to receive your delivery. Deliveries of prescriptions are free of charge.

At the moment of the delivery

When someone answers the door, the XpressPost™ delivery agent will collect the signature and the signatory’s name before handing off the item.  Signature items will not be delivered to children. If there is no answer at the door, the delivery agent will leave a Delivery Notice Card in the addressee’s mail receptacle that directs the addressee to the designated post office to pick up the item.

At the post-office

With XpressPost™ service, only the addressee, a person living at the same address or their authorized representative can pick up an item with a signature at the post office. The government-issued photo ID should contain the address. If it does not, proof of residency is required.

To be able to pick-up your own parcel at the post-office, you have to present:

  • An acceptable and valid government-issued photo ID

If someone else living at the same address is picking-up your parcel on your behalf, they have to present:

  • An acceptable and valid government-issued photo ID that shows that the person picking up the parcel on your behalf has the same address than your address on the parcel

If another person that does not live at the same address is picking up your parcel on your behalf, they have to present:

  • An acceptable and valid government-issued photo ID, and

  • The delivery notice card signed by yourself and indicating the name of the person you have sent to pick-up the parcel on your behalf listed as an authorized individual, or

  • A letter of authorization or a legal document that demonstrates the authority of the person to act on your behalf

You have 15 days to pick-up your parcel after which it will be returned to the Pharmacy. (NOTE: In the context of COVID-19, Canada-Post decided that parcels left at the post-office for pickup will not be returned to sender until further notice. Canada Post suspended their 15-days hold period until further notice.)

For refrigerated products

Refrigerated products will be shipped in a cooler packaging to maintain the temperature between 2 and 8°C during the whole shipping process. Another courier service than Canada Post might be chosen by the Pharmacy if it is necessary to insure the maintenance of the cold chain and the stability of the refrigerated products. The delivery procedure for refrigerated products will differ from non-refrigerated products, please call our team at 1-877-796-7979 for further information.

Returns policy

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges on prescription medications. The Pharmacy cannot accept medical waste for disposal, including expired or unused medications or “medical sharps” containers that may contain sharp or biohazardous material. Do not ship medical waste in the mail, and do not dispose of medical waste in your municipal waste or water systems (e.g., do not throw in the garbage, wash down the sink or flush down the toilet). TELUS supports the responsible disposal of medical waste as advised by Health Canada and the Health Products Stewards Association. Click here to find an appropriate drop off location for medical waste near you, or call us to help find an appropriate solution for you.

Pharmacist Registration

All of our pharmacists comply with the Standards of Practice of the pharmacy college in which the pharmacy is located and under which it is licensed/accredited. Depending on the location of the pharmacy, our pharmacists are licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists (Ontario location), College of pharmacists of Manitoba (Manitoba location) and the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (British Columbia location).

Complaints procedures

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. For assistance, please contact our care team at 1-877-796-7979.

Each of our pharmacies and pharmacists is accredited or licensed by the pharmacy college of the province in which it is located. If you wish to report a complaint, you may contact: