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Crisis text line: 741-741
Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
Emergencies: 911

Video chat with a counsellor

We offer simple, direct access to caring mental health professionals. From daily challenges to more severe conditions, we help you to take control of your mental wellbeing.2

Sessions are covered by most extended health plans

Each session is $120. You’ll get an in-app receipt so you can file a claim with your extended health insurance plan.

Here are some of the issues the counsellors can help with

These are just examples. There are endless reasons to speak with a counsellor – including simply having someone to talk to.
Feeling nervous, restless or tense
Excessive worry or ruminating thoughts
Increased heart rate
Rapid breathing
Sleeplessness, feeling tired
Difficulty focusing or feeling distracted
Stomach aches
Feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness
Irritability or angry outbursts
Sleep disturbance
Loss of appetite
Slowed thinking or trouble thinking
Feeling worthless, fixating on things from the past
Thoughts of suicide
Unexplained physical aches and pains
Trouble keeping a normal routine
Feeling depressed or sad
Feeling like life isn’t worth living
Thoughts of self-harm
Blaming self
Emotional pain or feeling overwhelmed
Disbelief or numbed feelings
Muscle tension
Body pain or stomach aches
High blood pressure
Trouble sleeping
Racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating
Feeling worry or overwhelmed
Problems with memory or concentration, scattered thoughts
Lack of motivation
More than 10 standards drinks/week for women or 15 drinks for men
Intense urges to use the substance
Feelings of withdrawal
Spending money you don’t have to get the substance
Neglecting responsibilities
Obsessive thinking about using the substance
Risky behaviours
Continued use despite consequences
Failing to reduce or stop when a commitment is made to do so
Restricting calories out of fear of gaining weight
Periods of binge eating, sometimes also with purging
Struggle to eat in front of others
Rituals based around eating that are about control
Losing or gaining weight rapidly
Body dysmorphia
Obsessive dieting
Lack of adequate nutrition that can lead to stomach pain, cramps, or acid reflux
Struggling to stay warm even when it is not cold out

Consult a clinical psychologist instead?

Clinical psychologists will diagnose and provide you with a treatment plan if needed. Begin a better understanding of your mental health concerns.

How to book a video appointment

Step 1

Download the TELUS Health MyCare app and register your free account.

Step 2

Click “Book appointment” and select a counsellor. You can browse the counsellor directory here before booking.

Step 3

Schedule a video appointment. Sessions are $120 and 50 minutes in length, often covered by extended health insurance.
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Monitor your well-being

Monitor is a better way to track your health. Connect your wearables data and keep track of triggers and events that influence your well-being.

Sync your Health Data
Consolidate data from compatible activity trackers, apps and wearables. View all of this in one convenient place.

Stay on course
Track your weight and create medication reminders. Stay on track on your health journey.

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